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Sharon Sowders:
“I highly recommend Dutch Masters Painting. They are very dependable. The crew was fast, efficient and professional. I am more than happy to refer Dutch Masters to my friends.”

Wes McCann:
“I have used Dutch Masters on many occasions. They provide great service, have excellent crews, and I am always happy with their work.”

Paul Yankee
“Dutch Masters is extremely good, very precise and neat. I am glad to recommend them for painting.”

Tom Gammon
“We had a large job and limited time. Dutch Masters came in with a large crew and handled the job professionally, on time and without any problems.”


Our jobs begin and end smoothly for our residential customers because:

  • Our itemized estimates make no room for ambiguity or confusion. You will know exactly what is to be repaired, prepped and painted. We will tell you which paint and how many gallons it will take to complete your job.
  • We will honor your time by being punctual and by staying on schedule. If inclement weather interferes with an exterior job, clients are quickly informed of a revised schedule. Unlike other home services, we do not leave you languishing for our presence…we are onsite until the job is completed. We coordinate our work day and hours to your preferences.


We offer free, color consultation services; you only have to pay for the paint. We put up color samples, so you can see the color palettes in your home throughout the day in various light conditions.


We offer state-of-the-art, low/non voc paints. These paints are becoming popular with residential owners because of their reduced odor, better coverage with less paint, increased longevity, ease of cleaning and touch up. We also provide a wide variety of paint finishes ranging from mattes to high gloss. Dutch Masters will advise you on the appropriate paint materials and finishes for projects in your home.


Our clients love our detail work, and so will you! For example, we clean windows upon completion of exterior painting. The TLC we give in covering and protecting your landscaping, plants, and interior furnishings are also a big plus. Another small detail that our clients enjoy is our removing and re-installing of hardware correctly upon job completion.

We run a clean operation with a non-smoking crew. We clean up the work site daily, leaving you with a safe, non-cluttered environment. These attentions we pay to our clients sets us above our competition.

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