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Lego displays




Harry Nijenkamp, owner of Dutch Masters Painting, Inc. has a passion for creating large-scale Lego displays. By large scale, we mean 12-foot tall buildings in city landscapes incorporating 300,000 Legos and 700 minifigures.

Harry will include Lego sets like the Taj Majal, The Statue of Liberty in his creations; however, his favorite and challenging part of Lego building is creating his own designs. For example, for the 2010 Lego Display, he created a Chinese inspired, red skyscraper that tops twelve feet in height.

The entire 2010 Lego display features a cityscape covering a 15' X 18' X 13' area surrounded by running trains. The entire display is built on segments and placed on panels for easy and safe transportation. More than 500 hours was spent in creating this year’s display.

See the installation process here.

Some of the featured elements in the cityscape include:

  • A red, Chinese-oriental styled skyscraper hitting about 12- feet in height;
  • A medieval castle;
  • A modified version of a building featuring Honda Carland, our sponsor;
  • Trains running around entire cityscape;
  • In the street is the Dragon*Con Parade which takes place annually in downtown Atlanta the Saturday before Labor Day. This Lego parade features The Dragon, The Mad Max Mobile and characters, Batman, The Star Wars Characters and the "Disco Mobile." and
  • TONS more Lego eye candy.

A scavenger hunt sheet is available for viewers to challenge their skills to seek and find 12 Lego minifigures such as Santa Claus, Aladdin on the Flying Carpet, The Lost Treasure, etc.  Kids (both small and large) love this game!
Honda Carland is a sponsor of the 2010 Lego Display which can be viewed from December 12 through January 2, 2011.
The address for the 2010 Lego Display:

Honda Carland in Roswell, Georgia
Car Show room
11085 Alpharetta Hwy
Roswell, GA 30076

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If you are interested in scheduling a Lego Display at your store, school or club, please Contact us for a free estimate.